Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Kowloon Hong Kong

This place is amazing !! we visited Mong Kok markets and is a hive of activities.During the evening stalls spring up from nowhere and at the end of trading each day they are dismantled (a major feat in itself) Bargaining with vendors start at half their price and haggled from that starting point ! 60 % we averaged paying from the advertised rate and most times successful !! because the markets are open to the weather a drop of rain will open hundreds of umbrellas !! I spent most of the time sheilding my eyes a s a horse does wearing blinkers ! Needless to say we bought brollys and were able to keep jaywalkers at bay ! We ventured into a Maccas for a coffee and pondered at the long slim plastic bags offered upon entering the premises .Clever these Chines the bags are for putting brollys in to protect the floors from becoming slippery ! Beggars were aplenty and the air was full of music provided by various buskers Altho the hotel provides drop of buses we opted for a taxi back costing around $A5.00 (very cheap)The streets are bustling and make s a busy London look like a village outing !! We will visit this place once more before departing Tomorrow we head for Hong Kong Disney land via train using our OCTOPUS card.We visited the Chinese art museum BUT they are not for me.We also visited the Space museum and that was well worth a look with some interesting activities that the public were getting involved with Our hotel The Metropark is highly recommended and if here again will use it again


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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