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Hong Kong Disneyland part 1

This is IT !! A train modelled on disney characters took us to our destination at Disneyland,the carriage windows are in the shape of Mickey Mouses head as are the standing hand grips inside the carriages most of all this is a haven for big kids (ME!) Spectacular is my description,we spent HOURS here just wandering around and now my feet and legs are paying the price (but well worth it)We arrived just before opening time and queued alongside hundreds more.One kid was selected from the crowd,given a huge golden key and unlocked the gates at precisely 10 am.his face was a picture to see.First trip was on the river jungle cruise.The animals on show were SO realistic!!The jungle native scenes were fabulous and the volcanic waterfall was awesome.All the rides and shows within the Disney confines were free and included in the ticket price Throughout the extensive grounds there are numerous eateries/drink stations and toilets.The weather can only be described as “sticky” But didn’t matter because of my childhood excitement I was experiencing !! Next blog will feature MY hero Buzz Lightyear !!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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