Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Ceduna to Nullabor

Arrived at Ceduna and bought our $70 18 hole golf course tickets for a course that is spread over 1370 KMs!! Camp site was very basic but comfortable.We played the first 2 holes of the mighty course here in Ceduna and met a group of aboriginals (very friendly) and instead of using a buggy to get round they opted to use their own car !! We met up with another couple from Melbourne who are also doing the Nullabor Golf Challenge.The courses will not allow a conventional tee as the T,s are very hard to place in rock ! Organizers told us to cu the top of a coke (or similar) plastic bottle and use the neck to support the bal !! We also found out on the 4th T we can use the ready made T for every shot (wish we had been informed at the start !) Very hot conditions and Ive never seen so many bloody flies !! I even swallowed one !! We stopped off at the Start of the great Bight and the views were fantastic ,as usual a fee is entailed (towards Aboriginal Life styles?),We are staying overnight at Nulabor where fuel costs $2.05 a litre !! NO water is supplied at the camp but can be bought and $1 will afford me a shower (5 mins max)



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  1. Hi again! I green with envy at your lifestyle and just to let you know it’s been pouring rain here for days and thinking of building an ark!
    Can I come travel with you two? If you say yes then be careful because I will take you up on it!y life is boring as HELL!!
    Love Linda

    Comment by Linda Williamson | February 27, 2013 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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