Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Still on the mighty Nullarbor

We have reached the Nullarbor Road house which is still in SA. We played the hole that is part of our 18 hole Nullarbor game and using the top of a plastic bottle is great for driving off.We stayed overnight and fuelled up at $2.05 a litre! We spotted a few dingoes but they kept their distance and feeding them is a definite NO NO. They will be slaughtered if caught being fed by humans because IF it happens they become dependent on being fed and are known to be quite vicious approaching people for food. We set off and stopped off at a few viewing points to inspect the Great Australian Bight cliffs and they are Magnificent and a sight anyone visiting Australia should witness. Passing thru the SA/WA border we had to surrender all our fruit n veggies and they were very specific about Garlic? Maybe they want to keep Vampires alive?.We gained 1&1/2 hours back going into WA and the day has been very busy SO we have pulled into a freebie camp site for the night. Another kindly traveller noticed the stop lights were on our parked car and after a bit of fiddling got them turned off (would have been a bugga in the morning when we found the battery flat !! Thank you kind stranger )Daughter informs me the baby is due 20 March so that gives us a bit of play time after Kalgoorlie ( I have to stop there to collect my books printed by good pals) Traudi and Keith



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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