Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Karratha,a ghost town named Cossack and a Hospital,with a short side trip to Roebourne

We arrived in Karratha for and overnight stay that turned into 5 nights(BUT my R eye became very heavily infected and went to the Doctors and after a second opinion (2 Doctors) they put me on Penicillin warning me it could be a cancerous growth !!and I was told to come back Monday next ! Saturday and the pain was excruciating so off we went to the Emergeny Dpt at Karratha Hospital.The Triage nurse was great and got me to see a Doctor imediately and he was fantastic ! He took a noodule from the swelling and proceeded to lance the infection Oh the pain !! I thought I was going to faint .The service was truly great and the pain relief brilliant,follow up to the ambulatory was also great.I have been around this ole planet a lot and this particular visit was one of the nicest ! Thanks to all involved and a letter of appreciation has been registered to the proper authorities by me.I await the biopsy for knowing exactly what the problem was
Karratha is a massive mining town and producer of gas (ONE gas filled ship is condensed to the equivalent of 600 hundred ships !! and each one can gas fuel a town the size of Melbourne for months!) The shopping centre is very good and the visitor centre at Woodsidw was very informative Situated around 30 kms is a ghost town named Cossack that once was thriving port and Pearl diving was a main industry The town boasted at one time around 400 residents Sadly the area was “pearled” outand the waters became to shallow for the bigger boats that were being introduced and the pearling moved further North to Broome .There are a few buildings that have been restored to former glory for the visitors Well worth a look see just for the seaside/mangrove scenery.We ventured into Roebourne for a look BUT the visitors centre is closed until May !! BIG 4 Caravan sites are getting to be quite expensive at almost $50 a night!!!



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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