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Fitzroy Crossing a Favourite Place

We travelled onto Fitzroy staying overnight at Roebuck Roadhouse.In the late evening i ventured across to the ablutions and on the way back confronted by a large white dog (this area has recently been poisoned baited for wild dogs !!) After my momentarily freeze up is became obvious it was domesticated and I fortunately didnt need a revisit to the ablutions !!The trip onwards was fairly incident free and it was noticeable how very bloated recently killed cows were (sad) Looking at the size of some Roo Bars on the massive trucks NO animal would stand a chance if struck !
Fitzroy is a wonderful inland country town and mainly populated with Aboriginees(and we met a few of these guys in the Fitzroy Crossing Inn) The historic Crossing Inn sits on it’s original site on the banks of the mighty Fitzroy River, and is the oldest established hotel in the entire Kimberleys region.The Inn has welcomed travellers and locals since its establishment on 5th July 1897. Originally a “shanty inn and trade store” that served prospectors, bullock team drivers, cattle drovers and locals, it has operated on the same site ever since… although floodwaters have meant continual rebuilding over the years.
Floodwaters through the bars at the Inn are measured by bricks up the wall, and in 1993 this was recorded at 9 bricks high. We visited the Geike Gorge around 20 kms from here and met a runner thru the riverbanks in training for his management job in the Bungle Bungles (lucky man) Creatures spotted around the river included Dingoes,Crocodilemstorks,Eagles and green frogs !!

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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