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Yunta is a village on the Barrier Highway in South Australia that services both the local area and travellers passing through. It lies south west of Broken Hill and north east of Peterborough.Yunta was established in 1887 after the discovery of gold at the nearby diggings at Teetulpa and Waukaringa, when more than 5,000 miners made their way through here. In the early 1890s the village was a busy railway town on the Adelaide to Broken Hill line. From 1934 Yunta was the base for the famed outback trucking and mail contractor Harry Ding.Today Yunta is a small service centre for travellers and the surrounding properties. Yunta also provides an alternate route to the Flinders Ranges and beyond. The natural gas fields at Gidgealpa and Moomba have resulted in improved access roads to South Australia’s arid north-east region. Village facilities include a hotel offering meals and accommodation, two roadhouses (one with caravan sites), two fuel stations, post office, Rural Transaction Centre offering internet access, police station, air strip .The main annual event is the Yunta Picnic Races and gymkhana held in May
Yunta overnight stay was interesting ..The racecourse we stayed at was very fly ridden BUT problem solved by wearing face nets (looked as if we were going to a funeral) The toilet was magnificent 4 sheets of corrugated iron joined at each corner and NO overhead shelter Fortunately the sit down loo did have an overhead roof…We set off to Craddock getting extra supplies in Peterborough,paa few of our partner travelers explored the town (We didn,t as we spent time here before ) we are now set for the night parked behind a Pub (that and a solitary house are the only buildings here !) We had a great night the food was great and we sat at a table with Bill n Leone and the rest of the table rotated with other travelers as the night wore on. The food was really good and Land lady was great fun A good pub to visit



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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