Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Towards the Ghost town Farina

We set off Early next day as this was going to be a 300km travel day thru some rough terrain We stopped at Hawker for fuel and drove on past Wilpena (we stayed there a couple of years ago and bought face fly nets there an absolute must in this part of Oz) We stopped at Blinman for lunch in the local pub and had my first taste of CHIPS for a long time! The young girl in the souvenir shop hails from Yorkshire and we had a yarn about this and that.After lunch we traveled 32 kms thru the Parachilna Gorges and what a magnificent awesome sight it was !The road was very rough (the reason we came with a group in case we had problems traveling on our own) The experience was terrific,the views out of this world and I felt very comfortable travelling in this friendly group.We arrived at Farina an old ghost town of yesteryear and will be here for 2 nights,the first was great and had some great yarn telling from others and we drank lots with FREE Jerky (Biltong) supplied by a lovely lady who actually makes them !! Annie got me up at 3 am because she considered it too windy and we put up the awning only to find the 8 metre long edging atop the bus had come out of its channel .Thankfully thr Road Boss Ian lent me ladders and the problem is now solved/

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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