Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

On Strzelecki track towards Birdsville

The next trip was great around 240 kms dirt track road on the Strzelecki Rd sighting lots of Emus,Lizards.Eagles and around a dozen wild horse and included in the pack was a Donkey and a small pony !! We arrived at what can only be described as an Oasis mid Simpson Desert. It was a large sized pond fed by an Artesian Well known as Montecolina Bore Water coming straight from the ground was very clear and also HOT..the pond itself was refreshingly cold !!We filled our new outdoor shower bag from the Bore and it it was great showering in the desert !Happy Hour (s) were interesting as usual and as night time approached a fire was lit and once again we stayed behind well after others had retired ! (The wine was good!) Up early next day and set of for Inamincka,260 kms away and we have currently travelled around 500 kms so far on a very rattling rocky, corrugated road (think we may have been in trouble IF we didn’t release air from our tyres. Recommended speed on these roads is around 80 kms IF travelling any slower a great chance of rattling inside the bus to pieces ~~ The next schedule stop is at Innamincka Roadhouse and a fuel stop is a must because the next petrol stop is in Birdsville approx 550 kms from here .After setting up camp and resting we did the obligatory Happy Hour * that went from 4pm to 9pm and a fire was lit in the early evening .The chat and friendliness was great and a very pleasant if not drunken evening was spent under the stars

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The Strzelecki Desert is located in the Far North Region of South Australia, South West Queensland and western New South Wales. It is positioned in the northeast of the Lake Eyre Basin, and north of the Flinders Ranges. Two other deserts occupy the Lake Eyre Basin—the Tirari Desert and the Simpson Desert.The desert covers 80,250 km2 making it the seventh largest desert in Australia.The Dingo Fence, Birdsville Track, the Strzelecki Track, the Diamantina River, Cooper Creek and the Strzelecki Creek all pass through the Desert.The desert is characterized by extensive dune fields and is home to three wilderness areas. It was named after the Polish explorer Paweł Edmund Strzelecki by Charles Sturt. He was the first non-indigenous explorer in the area, followed closely by the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition.Much of the desert is preserved within the Strzelecki Regional Reserve in South Australia.Parts of the eastern sections of the desert are protected by the Sturt National Park. A population of the endangered Dusky Hopping Mouse lives in the desert.


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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