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The Great Wall of China and more

Up at 6.30 and after another great breakfast our host for the day (Jung) collected us with around 10 more people and we headed towards The great Wall of China.It was very noticeable the thick coats of dust on cars as the headed away from Beijing (caused by pollution) First stop was the Tomb of the Ming Dynasty.SO many steps to negotiate to reach our goal 200 metres underground.My legs are still in shock from yesterdays mammoth walk about !! At the Tomb site money has been congregating over a period of time and had been thrown by members of the visiting public .Lunch was great supplied by use of a lazy Susan (revolving centre table servo) In our group were people from Chile,Belgium,Russia,Malaysia,Germany,England and Australia . Unlike the United Nations we made decisions on worldly issues that would make this planet a better place to live in ! Next…the highlight of the day The Great Wall of China and what a spectacle it was (for my Canadian friend Linda? almost as good as Niagra Falls) We arrived at the Wall via a very splendid open ski lift which offered magnificent views if the surrounding mountains.Once again we encountered STAIRS/STEPS how those poor soldier of yesteryear got around could only have been very stressful for them To actually stand on the Wall that was built to keep Mongolians out was a great thrill..The obligatory vendors wer out in Force and can be a nuisance HOWEVER Annie bought a picturesque folding photo knocked down from a starting price of 240 Yuan down to 87 Yuan a great buy.On the way back to the hotel we stopped at Jade factory and just watching the craftsmen at work was a great experience My daughter Jayne has recently moved into a new home so we have bought a Happy Family Happy Home artefact simple because we were so impressed with the whole set up We were conned into visiting a tea shop where tea leaves where on sale at exorbitant silly prices then a silk shop which was also boring and a waste of time (good for tour conductors tho who are obliged to keep us there for at least 30 mins!) We arrived home around 8pm and ventured into town finding a Supermarket where Annie bought a bottle of milk for our tea but turned out to be Yoghurt !! Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest days BUT tell that to Annie Pictures to follow (hard to put on here in Thailand)


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  1. Mmmmmm yogurt in Chinese tea!!!! Sound s like you’re having fun xx

    Comment by Jayne | January 6, 2014 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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