Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Beijing 19th December 2013

WOW ! a lie in till 8am !!breakfast as usual was good THEN it all began !!Annie could NOT find her passport (mine was OK) We turned the room upside down,suitcases inside out.We contacted the manager,who in turn assted Annie to fill a Police report and also arranged transport to the Australian Embassy !! Just as they were about to leave Annie discovered the passport in a “secret compartment” in her hand bag !! Red faces all around so Annies peace offering of chocolates did the trick of settling everyone down..The next few hours were spent hanging around the Hotel and the lovely Lilly arrived to take us to the Theatre to watch performing Acrobats and what a spectacular performance they gave ! My hands were sore from non stop clapping.Pole dancres of an extraordinary nature were mind blowing.Contortionist in very onorthodox juxtapositions and aTight rope walker that was very gravity defying A must see show for an awesome experience is a must for travellors.Unusually there was NO programmes or videos to be found on sale. Because internet is hard to come by in Asia (FB is banned in China) these blogs will be delayed

DSCN6339 DSCN6345 DSCN6347 DSCN6348 DSCN6349 DSCN6352 DSCN6353 DSCN6354 DSCN6355 DSCN6356 DSCN6357 DSCN6358 DSCN6361 DSCN6364 DSCN6380


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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