Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Woodgate revisited and a very interesting lady from Preston

We had the best time at Woodgate,Annie devised guessing weights,length of rope,coloured smarties in a jar and was well received by the more than 50 people who turned up !Daytime saw the others get involved in a game of Disc Bowls a very popular game unique to the CMCA Motor-home travelers Another portable game on the up is a contraption where 2 golf balls connected to a piece of string are hurled at horizontal bars in the hope they will entwine thus scoring points !!  (clear as mud?) The meal in the Woodgate club was a sucess as the 50 odd people tucked into a variety of food advertised on their varied Menu.We met new members Chris & Paul Chris is an expat from  Preston who gave me some great photos from my home town Blackpool approx 20 kms from there and they will feature on my next Blog dedicated to Blackpool

DSC_0066_800_530 DSC_0067_800_530 DSC_0070_800_530 DSC_0072_800_530 DSC_0073_800_530 DSC_0075_800_530 DSC_0077_800_530 DSC_0081_800_530 DSC_0082_800_530 DSC_0085_800_530 DSC_0088_800_530 DSC_0091_800_530 DSC_0096_800_530 DSC_0100_800_530 DSC_0101_800_530 DSC_0102_800_530

Sadly we had to leave 6am Sunday due to radio commitments BUT driving thru the thick fog and  dodging early morning Kangaroos !!  To see spider webs close to ground glistening vivid white and enhanced by the early morning misty sunlight




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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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