Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Koala Markets and Frasercoast FM Promotion with Geoff & Paul,Ann & others



GEOFF,s HAPPY HOURS RADIO SHOW THURSDAYS 9pm thru to Midnight   Queensland time


Sunday 22nd  July and turned out to be a great Day.Ages ago when I was just coming out of training with Paul we were invited to do a promotion at the Koala Markets held in Hervey Bay and with great trepidation we both agreed to do this marathon 5 hour stint (well is is in Radio Terms !) Annie and I set off from our Motor-home weekend in Woodgate Qld where we were the organizing hosts at 6 am ish and traveled the 110 km journey thru thick fog early morning dew and dodging early rising kangaroos !! We arrived around 8am to find Paul and Mike were helping our trainer and mentor Pat setting up the newly furbished travelling ,advertised Frasercoast Van that is packed with Outside Broadcast equipment >Paul was mainly instrumental in organizing the music and Mike was our back up adviser (cos he s been around a looooong time) Pat by this time had gone and we commenced work. I was mainly broadcasting with interjections from Paul ! Colleen our Sponsor of the day was magnificent in providing steak sandwiches and copious amounts of tea!! Annie was given the task of talking to stall holders and asking if they would like to be mentioned on our shows with a brief explanation of their wares and more to the point FREE  ADVERTISING !! She did a sterling job (altho she has not had training in distributing leaflets !) with around 100 stall holders accepting the offer. Plenty of people came and spoke to us asking what we are about with on young lady giving us an impromptu song (she was really good too !) She will be invited eventually to do an interview on a Saturday Show in the hopefully near future . Station presenters turned up to say hello and chat with people,some also advertised their shows .Thanks to all who got involved especially Pat (setting up) Mike (back up technician) and Paul co host along with myself.Twas a great morning and a lot of experience gained.Listen in to Pauls Show Tuesday (9pm-Midnight) Geoffs Happy Hours same time Thursdays .

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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