Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Blackpool 2 and a little of my life s history

Leaving school at 15 and 2 weeks old was a great start to my adult life,work was easy to find in those days and not everybody needed a degree. started work at Marton Forge ( makers of wrought iron products inc furniture & gate making amongst other duties)  My boss got me made a member of Central Working Mens Club and in those fat off days some working mens clubs were extremely difficult to attain membership and at 15 I was 3 years short of the legal age.I was married and had a son in my teens and separated after a courtship that began when I was 11 ! Sadly she has died ,but we had a good rapport .In my early 20 s 4 of us (lads) decided to emigrate to South Africa (3 of them backed out and I went on my own) I had a great time and arrived in Johannesburg with 20 quid in my pocket!) after a 2 yr stay I headed back to Blackpool and had some great time .At the age of 28 I married again,had 4 children and migrated to Perth Australia where I worked with Intellectually Disabled Adults for almost 30 yrs after  27 yrs of marriage my wife and I decided we needed to do different things and consequently divorced BUT for a while kept in touch.I met a lady who I had trained to be a Social Trainer and eventually my boss and 3rd wife ( we were both separated from our partners  at the time) Retiring at 65 we invested in a Motor Home and spent lots of time travelling around Australia and had some brilliant times and after reacking Hervey Bay we fell in love with the place and have bought a house and are living here at the present time. Life has been pretty good to me altho I have had a few knocks and people fall out with me ( not always their fault) and I have visited Blackpool a few times over the past where my wonderful brother puts us up. Blackpool is where I grew up in my youth and I have terrific memories that will stay with me forever.There is a SEARCH box on the Blog if you fancy a look back over my last 4 years and there is lots of stories and Happy Blackpool visits recorded.This particular Blog was intended to show off some of my Blackpool memories so here goes with the pics.This is a very condensed Blog and I could write a book on my life BUT I don,t seem to get time

15154_267195813417846_37408724_n 523533_364441003693326_1440863698_n 537537_249091455228282_538073095_n 969059_294052237398870_1557455981_n 969900_305671472903613_1319281257_n 993064_296663603804400_1984904680_n 1450076_366257723511654_2035326265_n 1454828_363628320441261_1989727805_n 1898167_412984242172335_691647558_n 1912297_410340319103394_1139427521_n 10173521_434528800017879_6820685624018288580_n 10325532_468329586637800_4743419363216375693_n images pooll

Typical Shows from a bygone era,George Formby,Yates Wine Lodge (consumed lots of alcohol there!) the Veevers Pub where I had my first wedding reception,the iconic Donkeys and finally Blackpool Beach as it used to be when I were a lad,Happy ,Crazy Days  sorely missed !!




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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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