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Blackpool and the Town it used to be Part 1

Blackpool is my place of upbringing,I left Manchester when I was 2 for better pastures.Growing up in the 50 s and 60 s in this once iconic town have been very happy for me and I have of course made life long friends from when I was a nipper.Started Devonshire Rd School in 1949 as a 4 and a 1/2 yr old going thru infants and junior school.I consequently passed my 11+ which in those far off days was the entrance exam into Grammar School and went to Palatine Grammar (as it was then) for 2 yrs before demoting myself to Secondary Claremont Senior school in order I could leave school early and start earning !! (altho I actually loved school,the pay wasn,t very good) Devonshire Rd school was burnt down a few years back,Claremont School has been demolished and turned into a housing estate !! The old Palatine I went to in Bennett Ave has been relocated to South Shore although I think the old school is night school? I left school 15 yrs and two weeks old and started training as a wrought iron fabricator and welder,and that concludes a very condensed tale of my earlier life and fetches me to the point of this Blog which is to show a few places of a bygone era and risque post cards that were on sale in most promenade shops

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In those far off halcyon days Blackpool was very famous for its Tower that included an Aquarium.Zoo (sadly) Ballroom where Reginald Dixon would entertain 1000,s playing his majestic organ.Top class shows were the order of the day,playing the very top entertainers of the day.There are 3 Piers jutting out into the Irish Sea all with their own unique style of amusing people and having jettys at the end on which people could fish (now all gone) The beaches were pristine and packed to capacity when the tide went out and people rode donkeys for 6d a ride!! I used to help out with this activity . Rock (candy) is avery popular sugary treat for holidaymakers along with silly hats that bear titles such as “Kiss me Quick”

images (1) images (1)a images (2) images (4) Pleasure pooll

the picture of the Funhouse on the Pleasure Beach was taken by a friend of mine living in Queensland but  hail s from Preston and to protect the photo it is copyrighted and I have been given permission to use  it and the Black n white pics from a day gone by depicting children on donkeys circa 1948 is also credited to her and her father

© Kenneth Ambler 1948 & Christine Sutton 2014

beach           Blackpool_c1953           donkey_blackpool_c1948

There is a hell of a lot more I could write and maybe one day I will


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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