Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

AND still more Perth and our Visit

We are continuing to have fun ( and lots of alcohol !)  We have babysat over 2 weekends and my knowledge now of Thomas the Tank Engine in brilliant !!   Sadly Coca Cola was spilt on me MacBook and it had to go for repair  which wasn,t too bad in price altho we had to ring up for an appointment with Apple for a diagnosis !!  The Apple shop in Perth is incredible and always very busy (same in Brisbane) I have never seen so many assistants in one shop and all very helpful,they even have “inhouse” learning which is available to everyone and of course the WiFi is FREE !!It only took a couple of days to repair and all is well now.We celebrated Australia Day ( a Public Holiday here and incredibly the English,who have St Andrews Day do NOT celebrate the patriotism that is VERY evident here) We visites a suburban park where all sorts of celebrations were going on including the very famous Ozzie BBQ,Bouncy Castles an animal touch farm,Sider Man and much more to keep families happy.Annie and me met up with a couple of workmates from the past (Peter and Dianna) for lunch and reminisced of days gone by.

Will started his new school and looked very dashing in his new Uniform.With Anns daughter we visited a Bingo Club (Annie won $20,that she shared with her daughter but NOT me!!) Amazingly across the table sat some friends from 20 yrs ago and of course more reminiscing was the go.The time has gone SO quickly even stopped and bought  a set of darts on the way to the Airport.Flight home (as with the flight in) was terrific gaining the exit seats both ways ,the plane arrived in Brisbane around 1 am and we consequently drove the 300kms home in the dark  ending a brilliant 3 weeks and thanks to all those who helped make it so nice

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  1. Hi u two 😁 😍Love your catch ups… so glad you are enjoying retirement!! We have purchased a house in northern suburbs of Hobart are alas we did not downsize as thought.. 4 rooms 2 bathrooms 3 toilets huge family room and another huge lounge room downstairs we have the 4th bedroom – now my craftroom/office 3rd toilet, laundry and large rumpus and all the house is so very very dirty. No cleaning has been done for many many years. Although humans lived in the house they kept it closed up. Removed the carpet and vinyl and a lot of the ‘smell’ has gone. 1st husband has been kept very busy adjusting doors and removing oil paint from water painted doors – and loves it when family and friends say they see he has lost weight. Use it or loose it our son said but among lots of moans and groans he keeps going. Many asked why we returned – why would you leave Qld. 1st is we – well mainly me – missed my children and grandies and 2nd we said we were getting over the traveling Australia. Geoff will enjoy this one – David was telling some friends ‘Did so much traveling around Qld I can now drive around Qld with my eyes closed’ I jumped in and said ‘sometimes I think he does’ hehehehe… Anyway no need for you to travel all the way back to Qld – hop on a plane to Tassie and enjoy a visit with the ‘stressless’ Cresswells… You are very welcome to come stay whenever.. Would thoroughly enjoy seeing you both and sharing Tassie with you.. 1st has his 65th on 21st so I am having family and friends for Saturday lunch.. so looking forward to the catering – love to cook – oh now you know why 1st may have put on weight… Keep on enjoying retirement – we finally reach the age where we get our head sorted and then our body gets unsorted… 😌Love to you both from 1st 😎 and me 😘
    Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2015 05:21:47 +0000

    Comment by Denise Cresswell | March 7, 2015 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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