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Brisbane in March and a Gay Pub and friends in Paradise

I had cause to visit my heart specialist at Brisbane’s Royal Women s Hospital so we decided to stay for a few days and have some fun.After the almost 4 hour drive from our home in Hervey Bay we settled into our rented apartment for the next 3 days in Spring Hill appropriately the Apartment No is the same as my age  69! Naturally the first question I posed was “where is the nearest Pub” reply being “There,s one across the Road,but its always shut? and there is a Gay Pub a wee bit further on,but we don,t go in there as its full of erm you know? Gay people”  SO that night we headed to the “Gay” pub and consequently spent the next 2 nights in there.Friday was very busy and we stayed in the “games” room.Saturday was brilliant..had a couple of drinks int he games room then on to the Cabaret room where drag artistes were strutting their stuff and miming to various catchy tunes.Although we didn,t dine there,the food looked magnificent and prices were very reasonable.Next into the cellar bar for a bit of Karaoke and some of the performers were good enough to be on a professional stage ,although one bearded bloke looked a little out of place (really?) with his low cut,very old fashioned flowery frock,non matching shoes,one flat t,other high heeled and matching sox i.e one long bright red and t,other short black and I have to confess,he couldn,t sing either.The compere was a stocky guy and wearing 60,s style Flower Power smocks and hairbands and of course the obligatory dark glasses (colloquially called shades!) On the Saturday night we were approached by the RAINBOW volunteers and to stop me n Annie spreading STD,s ( look it up) we were given some condoms!! we took it all in good fun and last days in that pub can only be described as interesting FUN,fancy a look? go here   Annie has been kind enough to say I can buy an Apple all in one (around $3000) and I spent a lot of time in the Apple shop (as I did in Perth) the staff in those shops are brilliant and offer all sorts of advice,free seminars,workshops are available,BUT i cannot justify spending all that money ,After lots of humming ans arring (is that right?) I waited until I got home and have opted for LENOVO all in one and altho I have heard lots of bad press re Windows 8.1  its not actually bad PLUS I saved around $2100 !! and very pleased with the machine.We left the apartment and headed a further 100 kms South to the Gold Coast to visit and stay the night with friends we met on our cruise last year and when we arrived? the scenery was breath taking,high on what can only be described as a mountain top.Over looking the great green tree ridden scenery is the main attraction,a swimming pool literally over hanging over the top of the landscape that was a loooong way below us We stayed the night.chatted about how we could save the planet,had a few drinks AND in the morning we departed after a HUGE Pommie breakfast supplied by our lovely host June & her husband Alan.The whole weekend was magical with more on my next blog re ANIME exhibition and to make the weekend more special the Surgeon who I originally went to see has declared me fit and I no longer have to travel to Brisbane for further tests !! (but need to keep taking the pills!)

Alan (1) Alan (2)    Alan (3)    Alan (4)    DSC_0015_800x530    DSC_0017_800x530    DSC_0019_800x530    DSC_0026_800x530


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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