Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Day 3 Destination Carnarvon Gorges and a Dodgy Road

Day 3 and after an early start and leaving the very pleasant Injune we set off to the Carnarvon Gorges set in the Great Dividing Range. The trip was uneventful however upon reaching the road into the Gorges the tarmac road turned into a very dusty gravel road and I,m uncomfortable driving on them because  the rigid shaking the bus takes over this very rough terrain can only be described as unhealthy (for the bus!) and we had to endure this road for a 30 km round trip that took us over river creeks beds and created a lot of dust  the scenery however did make up for some of my grizzling and we were fortunate enough to bump into an Aboriginal Ranger who was also very interestingly knowledgeable on the surrounding area ( Baloon Cave) We viewed ancient (genuine) painted hands on the rocky underside of the Cave  and I learnt for a FULL hand to be displayed meant Man,Wife and 3 children!!The Kilometre walk was enough for me and Annie herself opted to do the 16 km long Gorge trek ! As we were settling into the bus a snake slithered out of the bush BUT sadly Annie was reluctant to pick it up in order to have her photo taken!! Cows crossing the road were dangerous on the way back and one had recently been road killed ( Road kill this trip has been..Wild Pig,Cow,Kangaroo,s (although not as many as the last trip around Roma)  Snake,Dingo,Rabbits,feral Cats and a Chicken  so sad ) Continuing the 80 km trip we are now settled in Roleston for the night and a well earned rest ,Interestingly there is no TV reception unless the aerial is on a 100 foot pole Currently there is a 3 legged Blue Heeler sniffing around waiting for food scraps  and he is completely out of luck !

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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