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A Radio Station and a Mighty Dam on Day 4 of our Travels

Day 4 and overnight rain tells me we were lucky NOT having done the Gorges today there is a good possibility we may have got stuck on the dirt road or worse still trapped in a swirling stream that are plentiful on the Gorge drive up !Setting off from Rolestone we headed to Springshore and we had a look at the magnificent Mt Zamia  then onto Lake Maraboon and the Fairbarn Dam and took in the views offered as we drove over the dam holding back water that is supposedly 3 times larger than in Sydney Harbour !!  Next up Emerald!! and after the obligatory photo shoot of the gigantic painting on an easel by Van Gogh (copy) we went for a chat with the local community radio station (4EE)owner Victor  who gave me an interesting talk on how his station came about in 1981 I was offered the chance og going on Air NOW  but we are on a short visit trip to all our stops, sadly this station does not stream so remains for locals only Next up a visit to a coffee shop by 2 free coffees courtesy the Info office and a great pepper pie and (much to Annie’s annoyance ) a huge cream donut!!We travelled onto Sapphire where anyone can fossick the area for precious stones, we decided not to and currently staying in Ruby (different stones, same fossicking rules) On entering this quaint area reads a sign “Willy Washing” and naturally we had to see this phenomenon for ourselves only o find soil collected by amateur fossickers can be washed by,yes, a man called Willy !!  Reception in most areas has been awful and non existent in some of these remote places BUT I haven’t missed it OR the computer !

DSC_0165_800x530 DSC_0166_800x530 DSC_0167_800x530 DSC_0168_800x530 DSC_0170_800x530 DSC_0174_800x530 DSC_0175_800x530 DSC_0181_800x530 DSC_0184_800x530 DSC_0185_800x530 DSC_0192_800x530 DSC_0198_800x530


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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