Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Bit of a lull at the moment BUT….

Ahead is our trip around Japan and a visit to Korea cruising on the Diamond Princess then taking a flight to London where we will be based for approx 10 days afore we head of for a Grand Tour (self Drive) around Ireland and hopefully a Ferry Crossing over the Irish Sea and a short stay in my home town of Blackpool (hopefully I will meet up with my GREAT granson and sample all the beers I used to drink from another lifetime .We wont be visiting many of our friends as we have a lot to fit in (plan as we go inc ye olde B&B) Should be able to take great pics and will obviuosly put them on here SO while the wait is on have these promo pics,these next few weeks are gunna drag !!

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  1. Hi to both of you! I’m still following you my old friend!
    Can’t wait for the Ireland pictures!
    Did you guys win a lottery or something? You are sure living the life and very happy for you but very envious!
    Have a pint for me in Ireland and have a safe trip!
    All well here! Had about 70 stitches inside and outside my nose and along face from cancer, biut its all gone now and I have some fantastic reconstruction done and barely noticeable. Rox is fine and happy. Will see her in Oct. in Ontario for my grandsons wedding. Take care and I’ll keep reading! Cheers and a hug! Linda

    Comment by Linda Williamson | June 2, 2015 | Reply

    • no such luck as winning the lottery ! I was very lucky selling my old house to get married and made a few bob SO we spending the kids inheritance very quickly while we can…sorry about your op glad to see all is well Hope Tom is well too …

      Comment by Luxxie;s Travels | June 2, 2015 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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