Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Waiting for the BIG trip for the last time in Europe

Decided to put olde photo,s in this blog as a reminder of great times and days I have had in my life.I consider myself very fortunate for all the good times I have lived and wouldn,t change a single thing !!.The next couple or so of Blogs will be mainly of my very large extended family spread world wise.I am also revising Blogs from the very beginning and adding pictures to Blogs ( I previously deleted pics from ALL my previous blogs as pictures were too large and I had to start paying for space (I have found a brilliant programe that re sizes pics to 1/10 th in size)

7 (6)_624x600 8_800x530 9 (6)_506x600 10 (3)_800x437 12 (3)_632x600 13_800x58412_800x530  16 (2)_600x600 17 (2)_468x600 21_656x600 23_683x600 26_767x60024_772x600  30_800x600 31_800x600 35_800x600

These pictures in NO way meant to offend anyone,they are there (with more to come ) as a record and hopefully will end up with a lot more family & friend pics)


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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