Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Day THREE and what a very busy Day

Mount_Fuji_2                                                  bullet-train

Up at 8 got ready for our bus pick up at 9 and OFF we went to mount Fuji a 2/3 hr drive into the mountains and when we got to the near summit cloud was beginning to form but not before we got a good glimpse of Fuji Peak,sadly NO snow as it is Summers end and probably the only time of the year the Mountain is laid bare! After Annie almost killing me with step climbing we headed to Gotemba for avery late lunch that was actually laid out for us before we arrived!!The soup (cold) bowl had 2 handles on it SO i used them to drink my soup while eveyone else used a spoon !! The stting was beautiful and peaceful making up for the poor food selection !!  Then we headed of to Lake Ashi for a cruise on the brilliantly designed pirate ship ending up at Odawaro Station to catch the Shinkansen commonly known as the Bullet rain which reached 300kms + an Hour !!!

DSCN0569-resized DSCN0562-resized DSCN0570-resized DSCN0574-resized DSCN0577-resized DSCN0578-resized DSCN0582-resized DSCN0583-resized DSCN0589-resized DSCN0593-resized

The lady guide was very interesting and showed us how to do Origami (Japanese pastime) which wee were very successful in making!   On arriving at Tokyo Station via train we had to make our own way back to the Hotel using various underground systems,Looking back it was a very funny experience and had great trouble getting our looks of insanity and terrible communiction between Japanes & English languages BUT Surprise,Surprise  we did it !!  Taxi is booked for our trip tomorrow to catch our cruise ship Diamond Princess SO fingers crossed and this blog will be on hold for at leat 9 days because I refuse to pay exhorbitant ship Internet fees,,,,stay tuned we WILL be back !

DSC_0036-resized DSC_0039-resized DSC_0040-resized DSC_0044-resized DSC_0045-resized DSC_0056-resized DSC_0058-resized DSC_0059-resized DSC_0071-resized

Japanese Gardens are among the best I have seen.trees fashioned the same as Bonzai s are fantastic and in a lot of village house,front gardens are full of healthy,growing rice! One particular block of flats actually looked very cold and seem part of a futuristic gloomy nature.Weird and wonderful garden ornaments spotted included a full sized (folly?) Windmill


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  1. You two are “Living The Life”!!

    Comment by Linda Williamson | September 5, 2015 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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