Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

On The Boat at Last

Day ONE on the Diamond Princess

After getting a lovely smooth Taxi ride from our excellent hotel the Marriot Court Yard to the Yokohama Harbour we got on board very quickly and were introduced to our Cabin L10 R735 that has an outdoor veranda decked with 2 lounges,footrests and a table making the sea views strikingly good we then went off to the various cafes and restaurants pigging out !!! Oh and to add to the gluttony I discovered the eat as many as you can Ice Cream Parlour and had 3 yes 3 large Ice creams!  ahhh sweet bliss !! Lunch time we watched the breaking of the Saki Barrel by the Ships Captain and we were invited to sample the Japanese Favourite but its not for  me,one critic compared the taste to that of Camel Pee ( the thought of that person drinking camel pee and knowing the difference made me think “Yeuck” ) We wondered around the boat on a seek and find mission and was surprised at the size of this boat (twice the size of the Volendam trip thru the China Seas last year) We did a sing a long as the boat left the harbour with lots of spectators there to wish us Bon Voyage (One eager lad was shouting “have a great trip” whilst  waving a huge Union Jack !! Night time and a movie was shown on the very outdoor screen as we ventured into the Fusion Bar for a bit of Karaoke (as usual they don’t have the songs I sing) some singers were really good with an elderly Japanese lady singing beautifully ( I should have video,d it)  NINE o clock and we went to the Skywalkers Disco (buy one get one for a dollar!)We got chatting to the DJ who came and sat with us for a while talking about this n that,nice young fella named Robert.Sadly the Happy Hour was very quiet (first night travel weariness for some?) Having had 6 bottles of Stella on top of half a bottle of Chilean White wine I was feeling quite merry as was Annie with her 2 for 1 Strawberry Blossom Cocktail!!   Eventually finding or balconied room we retired very happy people…

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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