Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

The Beatles and The Buses !

The next day is upon us and the highlight was the Beatles show “Let it Be” which turned out to be an extraordinary day to say the least!! The bloody British Unions decided to go on strike (Tube only) and complete city chaos was the order of the day! We travelled by bus by what can can only be described as Sardine can style,The return could have been horrendous but for the brilliant bus driver who had no option but to drive past overcrowded bus stops but in formed us to press the STOP button and he would let us off anywhere (not designated stops) and as the bus crowd shrunk he would let others on at so called designated bus stops .The Show was brilliant with us paying 25 quid for the cheap seats located at the very top of the Garrick Theatre..I had such a good laff with the ticket seller she changed our seating and gave me 5th row stalls tickets ! (brilliant) The show was great and the audience were encouraged to take photos of the performers/get ap and dance and sing..I couldn,t hold Annie up!!  she was having a ball (OK so was I)well worth a look if in London.We met up with Michael after the show, had a pint of Peroni and a laff and a giggle with the proprietor of an Italian Restaurant.As described earlier we had great fun withe London Bus Transport (who are to be applauded the way in which they conducted themselves)

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The lady in The Pig advert is Cilla from Coronation St who just happened to be around same time as we were along with other stars who are not on here coz I dont know em?


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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