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Harry Potter and Firestones Geoff n Annie

Wow wotaday!!  we got the train the day after the strike heading towards Victoria Station and THEN..the tube train in front of us was halted while a medical team were called in to help a passenger suffering a seizure and that train could not be moved rendering this train stranded in the middle of a HOT tubeway for 40 minutes,at this point it was decided to reverse the train back to the last visited station !! This threw our plans of getting to the Harry Potter bus departure in time,AT last luck was on our side and we made it with just minutes to spare (the rappore on the stranded train was very good with all passengers who are complete strangers to each other chatting away to while away the time BUT it was SO hot as standing trains not allowed to run their engines thus rendering Air flow useless!!) sadly we didn,t find out how the sick passenger fared. At the Bus station the Cockney Driver/Ticket collector was extremely rude to passengers as he checked them on board and I was prepared to give him a mouthful if we suffered the same attention,,BUT then as we got onto the crowded bus he said “here you go Mate have the front 2 seats you will be comfortable for the one hour plus trip!! ” I decided at that point not to report him! and I have to say his commentary on all things London as we travelled thru the suburbs was excellent (book & cover come to mind) Harry Potter Studio,s was great full of genuine articles from the movies including Hogwarts/9 and 3/4/Hagrid/and all the monsters and characters making it a very memorable day Annie had her pic taken outside Harrys mud blood house,Souvenirs were very pricey and a Potter wand could set you back £26! we were given 4 hours to explore (we did in 3) plenty of demonstrations,getting involved with the use of a Green Screen (look it up) and of course plenty of pictures taken

DSCN0997-resized DSCN1006-resized DSCN1009-resized DSCN1012-resized DSCN1014-resized DSCN1024-resized DSCN1026-resized DSCN1027-resized DSCN1029-resized DSCN1035-resized DSCN1038-resized DSCN1039-resized DSCN1052-resized DSCN1053-resized DSCN1061-resized DSCN1062-resized DSCN1066-resized

All of the above pictures were taken with Annies camera and she has done a great job the next lot is via MY Camera

DSC_0006-resized DSC_0010-resized DSC_0011-resized DSC_0017-resized DSC_0018-resized DSC_0022-resized DSC_0023-resized DSC_0034-resized DSC_0035-resized DSC_0036-resized DSC_0039-resized DSC_0040-resized DSC_0046-resized DSC_0047-resized DSC_0051-resized DSC_0053-resized DSC_0055-resized DSC_0056-resized DSC_0062-resized DSC_0064-resized DSC_0065-resized DSC_0068-resized DSC_0069-resized DSC_0070-resized DSC_0071-resized DSC_0073-resized  DSC_0081-resized DSC_0094-resized DSC_0076-resizedDSC_0095-resized DSC_0100-resized DSC_0103-resized DSC_0104-resized DSC_0107-resized DSC_0109-resized


Spot John Cleese,Hagrid,Voldemort.Annie etc


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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