Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Kinks and a Cramped Theatre 10th August 2015

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Today we rode the tube using up our Oyster card and virtually got on and off Stations Wily Nily simply because we can! We met up with Michael for dinner and went into a local Burger shop almost next to the theatre and had a lovely meal (this time with Pudding!) we climbed the stairs up into the gods of the Harold Pinter theatre and took our seats (not a bad view either) then we realised we were in the wrong seats and had to go higher up to the next balcony ! We settled in after a quick breathe on our oxygen tanks due to lack of air at this altitude!! then the show started (No photo,s allowed unfortunately) and what a cracker it was ..part story part music and it all blended brilliantly.The actor/singer who played baddie Dave Davies is brilliant and he captured the lunatic Davies brilliantly..of course all other actors were quite good too.Sadly the seating leaves a lot to be desired and leg room is virtually non existant,fortunately the seats in front of me were empty thus allowing me to dangle me legs into the next row.The Show itself was fantastic,the music brilliant and well worth a visit if in London but do take into account your seating


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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