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The BBC and Us Lot and a Quiz

Affectionally known to the the British as the Beeb was a wonderful day out.We all met up for the tour around mid day and I got chatting to the lovely security man Leroy.After having our bags checked we went into  the media cafe which has interesting BBC artifacts including the Tardis,Daleks and a scene from East Enders,We were greeted by Maddie our tour director who did  an excellent job of showing how shows are formatted and pre scripted.Some of us did a bit of acting and News reading all in great funThe BBC building in London is of a massive nature and the Tour started showing how news went to air and the current headlining news? The Australians being defeated by the Pomms (great stuff!) and the Ozzie Captain stating he was retiring (methinks pushed would be more apt!) If in London go and book a tour,you will not be disappointed .After the tour we went off to an Italian restaurant that I,m sure was a10 KM walk from the BBC !! The meal was Ok and we said our goodbyes to Michael (my son) Paul (Anns London living brother) and his wife Sally.The tube is now getting very easy to use and upon our return we decided for anight in to refresh our aching (thru walking !) bones etc

DSCN1070-resized DSCN1072-resized DSCN1074-resized DSCN1075-resized DSCN1079-resized DSCN1085-resized DSCN1097-resized DSCN1101-resized  All these pics were taken on Anns Camera and the ones below on mine


DSC_0120-resized DSC_0115-resized DSC_0116-resized DSC_0117-resized DSC_0119-resized DSC_0121-resized DSC_0122-resized DSC_0130-resized DSC_0137-resized Ann did sound effects me n Michael actors

Next Day..Sunday, we decided to use our Oyster card (public transport) so we hopped on aTube Train and visited Piccadilly Circus just for the hell of it !! We used different trains to take us to distant destinations and eventually ended up in Balham meeting up with my son Michael and his 2 pals Juan & Chris,Michael and Ann opted for a roast dinner whilst I simply drank beer !!The pub is full of character and named The Devonshire (my old school was Devonshire Rd Blackpool,my delivery round as a Postman was based around a Blackpool Club the Devonshire Arms and my night Club activities I used a Devonshire Club ! is there a connection I ask myself? NO just sheer coincidence!) We formed a team in the Quiz night and did NOT come last (a feat in itself!) We ventured home around 10.30pm and was amazed at the number of people stil around at that time.Tomorrow we hit London again to see the Kinks show ‘ Sunny Afternoon’




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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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