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ILLUMINASIA a Fantastic Model & Light Show

One of my old stomping grounds used to be the Olympia in Central Blackpool adjoining the Winter Gardens ( more on that soon) All the rides and amusement machines have long gone and in their place a magnificent show of giant models made of a silk mateial and lit up with led lighting.The 3D show was brilliant and although I have seen many 3D films THIS is awesome..the creatures that came out we almost touchable !There are many exhibits featuring giant animals and insects,the last section was on iconic worldwide statues/icons (Blackpool,Eiffel towers the Sphinx and lots more) The exhibition ends up with a great laser stage show (and guess who was selected to go stage?) IF you are ever in this hometown of mine this place is a must visit.Annie didn,t want to leave !!

DSC_0107-resizedDSC_0073-resized DSC_0075-resized DSC_0076-resized DSC_0082-resizedDSC_0105-resized DSC_0086-resized DSC_0089-resized DSC_0090-resized DSC_0091-resized DSC_0092-resized DSC_0100-resized   DSC_0113-resized DSC_0124-resized DSC_0128-resized


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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