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Winter Gardens and the Opera House

Today we took a tour around a fabulous complex “The Winter Gardens” including the world famous Blackpool Opera House where I had my very first pub beer at 15 ! (Watneys Red Barrel) and really pleased my age wasn,t challenged !! (legal age for pubs was 18) On a Sunday we go to scared to death by the likes of Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee in Vampire movies!  which these days wouldn,t even get a U cert !! We ventured around this massive building that has lots of closed down ballrooms/theatres and a variety of bars and rooms. The Empress I remember well from my Grammar School Days where we held presentation days.Lots of these places are being refurbished and brought back to life after being abandoned in the 70s .Mirrors,chandeliers and various pieces of furniture were left to literally rot away,fortunately restoration is a way of life now.There is plenty to see and we were lucky enough to visit the theatre where CATS is currently being shown (we are reliably informed the stage is one of the largest in Europe!)

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One of the most memorable bars is the Spanish Hall and that holds lots of great memories for me when in my 20,s My mother used to organize Ladies Darts Balls that were always well attended in the 60,s



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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