Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Last Blackpool Weekend and Comicon part 1

Wow !  what a fabulous Day at the Blackpool Winter Gardens to an event we booked months ago ( now fully booked) I have lived in this town and seen unbelievable crowds BUT the que to get into this venue was something I will probably never witness again !! The que by 10 am was at least a mile long and I was kept entertained by the sheer volume of people dressed up as their favourite Comic Character.By noon the crowd diminished rather than shrink,so,rather than walk the mile to join the que we reurned home and came back at 3 pm and wow it was SO exciting (that much so it ahs inspired me to commemorate the occasion by doing 3 consecutive blogs)

DSC_0001-resized DSC_0003-resized DSC_0005-resized DSC_0006-resized DSC_0007-resized DSC_0009-resized DSC_0010-resized DSC_0011-resized DSC_0013-resized DSC_0014-resized DSC_0015-resized DSC_0016-resized DSC_0019-resized DSC_0024-resized

There was SO much to see and ALL participants were happy to be photographed ( altho it must have gotten rather boring as the day went on !)

DSC_0047-resized DSC_0048-resized DSC_0050-resized DSC_0052-resized DSC_0055-resized DSC_0056-resized DSC_0060-resized DSC_0059-resized



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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