Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Lou and his Comicon Pics Part 2

Escorted by my newly adopted granson & grandaughter (Lou & Ella) we finally managed to get into the Winter Gardens complex where Lou was getting impatient to take some photo,s using my camera.Although he took some nice pictures we let him loose with Annie,s smaller camera and all pics that don,t feature Lou (8) on the particular Blog are attributed to him (he took every one of them)

DSCN1300-resized DSCN1301-resized DSCN1303-resized DSCN1304-resized DSCN1305-resized DSCN1307-resized DSCN1309-resized DSCN1315-resized DSCN1316-resized DSCN1319-resized DSCN1320-resized DSCN1321-resized DSCN1323-resized DSCN1329-resized DSCN1331-resized DSCN1333-resized DSCN1334-resized DSCN1335-resized DSCN1336-resized DSCN1340-resized DSCN1342-resized DSCN1343-resized

Next Blog will be the Final showing on our visit to Comicon


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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