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My Home Town Blackpool and the Memorable Trams

cart.00                                                                                                      BLACKPOOL

Having just arrived back in Hervey Bay after a visit to Blackpool I was reminded of how much we take for granted.Growing up in the 50,s & 60,s our giant FREE playground was the wonderful Promenade that fronts the  few miles of beach and the Irish Sea.Along this route going from Star Gate in the South of Blackpool ( past the Pleasure Beach) to Fleetwood a few miles away situated on the mouth of the River Wyre and Fleetwood is known now worldwide where Fishermans Friends are produced even to this day (I,m sure most f you have sucked on a Fishermens Friend?) which in years past was a major fishing fishing port providing shelter and employment for Trawlers and the  people who were utilized in all facets of the fishing industry (filleting their catch,freezing Ocean life,smoking Kippers,Ice factories <went round one of these as a school “treat”>  are the magnificent trams that play a very important part in Blackpools Transport. In the Illumination Season from Sept to end of August trams are decorated with 1000,s of light bulbs and custom made trams have featured Rockets,Lifeboats,Space Ships and other splendid  shapes.Annually,Blackpool displays these forms of transport to the public and creates lots of interest from around the world for enthusiasts.I have a lovely collection of photos supplied by a friend I have met on Facebook by the name of  Jean Parker and the above cartoon supplied by Nick Moore (both from Blackpools Past page) Thanks to these helpful people

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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