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British Airways SHAME on You !!

Flight Tuesday, September 15, 2015 British Airways BA15 Confirmed
9:35 PM Depart Heathrow, London United Kingdom LEISURE TRAVELLER
5:40 PM
on Wednesday
Arrive Changi Intl Arpt, Singapore Singapore Journey Time: 13:05

Dear Sir,

On these above dates we booked at the end of May and as you can see all were confirmed.On the Day of travel we rocked up at Manchester Airport for our tickets only to be told our Singapore flight we would have to sit in separate rows on the next Heathrow flight.I am a 70 yr old pensioner with lots of medical issues that my wife Ann monitors ( I take 16 tablets a day =heart and asthma inhalents)) and she gives them to me at appropriate times ( she was previously in her younger life a nurse) Ticket person at Manchester advised to take it up at Heathrow (connecting flight) Once again ticket attendant said there was nothing she could do !! and advised we see the Information officer who again advised they couldn’t help.On boarding the Supervisor could see we were visibly stressed and checked our ticket (which was stamped COMPASSIONATE) and after lots of consultation put me and my very upset wife together (the Supervisor was fantastic) If our surnames were different I could understand the separation BUT with more than 2 months prior booking we were still separated !I know this may be not in breaking news category but I feel better just by letting someone know of our predicament It is a very long 13 hours being seperated(I have sent a letter of Complaint to British Airways and I suspect that has now been thrown in the trash!!) Shame on You British Airways !!!!

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British Airways - "Enjoy your flight, sir."

British Airways – “Enjoy your flight, sir.”


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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