Geoffs Life After Work !

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Goodbye to Ower Kid an his Missus

Time goes by so very quickly when having fun ! Brother Brian & wife have been in Queensland for 2 weeks and have seen plenty  and certainly eaten lots !!

eleven (6)                 eleven (5)                eleven (4)                    eleven (3)

While in Brisbane Tresha celebrated her birthday with the biggest meal Ive ever seen…however…she did eat the lot PLUS a generous sized pudding !!! Our hotel suited our needs,staff were extremely pleasant..rooms very clean and tidy but really small ! We had to park our flatback below ground and to navigate entry was horrendous BUT  credit to Annie she made it look easy !!!  Not a scratch !!

P1000576_800x600                                                 one                                          five

We visited an Australian Creature Park and watched some amazing stuff including Snakes and Crocodiles (sadly just up the road at another park a zookeeper was badly mauled by a crocodile  and who can blame them for being teased just for public pleasure? and Yes I realize I am one of those spectators..We dined in a club named ISIS ( really) in a suburb of Childers and treated to a very nice lunch

seven       six          ten        three       two

Annie does volunteer work at our local markets (Koala Markets) every 2nd Sunday and we took Brian n Tresha there for  lovely,cheap breakfast and I introduced him to our local MP Ted Sorensson and a very popular entertainer who we also know   John Vea Vea and he is a lovely man and very co-operative with a photo take

We have thoroughly enjoyed the visit and as we are all getting on in years I doubt very much I will visit UK again or indeed my brother will probably not be back to Australia.I have lots of family in England as well as lots of ole pals I knew from school days and I will miss ALL of them.BUT Australia is my home and I love Hervey Bay so much I will now be buried here (tongue in cheek) As usual it was a very teary goodbye as we dropped them off at the Airport,who knows? one day we see them on Skype !!



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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