Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Waiting to start our Travels again

We have sold our Bus and traded it for a slide on Camper and a new 4×4 Mazda..Christmas is just but a memory now and Easter starts tomorrow.The weather is cooling down and hope fully we will be off again second part of the year .We have hopefully ironed out minor problems with our equipment and all systems are GO! To have traveled this wonderful country has been a great privilege (having done it twice) but there are still places to see,people to meet (and we will) and more wonderful adventures that will take us into the unknown (we are thing of going via the Birdsville track to WA) It seems I have been granted my radio show for a further 12 months and will make arrangements for a “fill in” whilst away.Our Radio Station has a few Seniors involved who take time off to do other things in life (moral being ? dont sit on your bum upon reaching retirement,get out there and volunteer for something at our age there is PLENTY to do if you are prepared to look.TV is an altogether too easy option) SO,in the meantime over the next few weeks I will put pics of creatures we have encountered on our past AUSTRALIAN travels

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these are just a short selection of “critters” we have spotted..more soon

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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