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Old Drivers v Young Drivers

At around 3 am this Easter Morning  I was awoke by a loud crashing noise,I,m thinking to myself Why is the Earth shaking when I didn’t do anything and the wife is fast asleep !! She rouses and tells me to go back to sleep as I was dreaming BUT on looking thru the bedroom window across the road was a Ford Ute stuck into the corner of our neighbours house across the road ( Our houses are mirror copies) I dressed very quickly and ran across the road to check everyone is OK (they are) Young bloke besides himself saying “sorry,sorry” I asked if he was OK and he replied in the affirmative.Asked if he had been drinking to which he replied just one ( he is a P plater,altho qualified as a driver,P platers have to have ZERO tolerance & altho he wasn’t over the limit,he is still by law guilty of the offence due to the zero tolerance) He must have been travelling at considerable speed (50 km limit applies here) as he had almost demolished the side of the building.Our friends were in bed when the car went crashing into their room.The Power external box was damaged but still kept the power on. Methinks the vehicle will be a write off and extensive damage was sustained to the building and will prove to be a very costly experience for the young driver .To add to his anguish he apparently is also NOT insured.Amazingly I was the only neighbour who was awakened by the noise ! The street slept on. A call was made to the insurers after the vehicle had been towed away & within 2 hours Maintenance people were on site to fix the damaged house to safety standards until an accessor would be available (kudo’s to the Insurers) The point of this Blog is that IF a Senior driver had been involved,he would have been headlined on local news and no doubt cries would go out for Seniors to be Rd tested every year !!  The young fellow who did this (approx age we think for him is early 20’s) would face up to all penalties imposed upon him,but no reference to his driving abilities or the need for him to take driving tests !!  Apart from the massive damage,thankfully no one was harmed and we did meet some nice Firemen,Police,Power workers,Tow Truckies  and not forgetting the Ambulance people ( Stats  4 Police Cars 8 Police people,2 Firetrucks with around 6 workers,2 Ergon workers eac having a truck {Power} 1 Ambulance withlots more work on restoring the house to pre crash state)

DSCN1773_800x600   DSCN1774_800x600   DSCN1782_800x600   DSCN1788_800x600   DSCN1790_800x600

Happy Easter to All


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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