Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Back on the Ship and another Fun Day ahead

TUESDAY having had a good night’s sleep we ambled off for breakfast and at this point I have to decided to buggar the diet !! We have already bought our cheap duty free booze and Annie is currently at Origami lessons ( I kid you not) I was left chatting with 2 ladies ! We had lunch in one of the posh restaurants and had a lovely 3 course meal with even lovelier table company. We then opted to have a rest in the Dome pub (alcohol free!) and ventured to the Marquee Theatre where a Stage production of a Musical Whodunit was being performed. Annie volunteered me to be the Sound Effects Person and it was hilarious, the crew were very helpful and gave me a good chance to have a chat with them backstage, currently we are in cabin resting, building up strength for this evenings activities. Evening found us once more in the Marquee Theatre and the main act was a juggler who in my opinion was a wee bit over the top, juggling while having an audience member on your shoulder whilst on a mono cycle on a rolling ship is not my cup of tea! Next up was our visit to the Trivia Night in the Ocean Bar and sat with some lovely people..Peter, Shirley, Murray & Jamie and we managed 29/30 along with another team SO we had a dance off and once again I was pushed onto the stage!! After making a complete fool of myself I was declared the Winner!! Great fun but I was knackered and had to resort to drinking more alcohol!! Once I got my breath back we headed for the Marquee to watch comedian Peter Gross who proved to be quite entertaining. I fell asleep as my head was on its way to the pillow, sadly Annie was having one of her headaches (probably as a result of the embarrassing things I got up to during this wonderful day!!)

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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