Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

At Sea and its Great

WEDNESDAY..Clocks have been put forward another hour as we edge nearer to NZ  we got out of bed at 11 am !  then onto the The Pantry for late breakfast BUT Lunch was being served and as I was still in brekky mode opted for a cuppa (and sneaky cakes!) We were joined by Peter & his wife Linda with special guest Jamie (who was at times very attentive) and we just chatted about nothing for over an hour. Currently sat in the “pool” area resting up for no doubt more activities coming up today. Wandered around the boat watching various activities. Spent the afternoon in a Trivia competition and not doing very well ! Dinner and the Lasagne wasn’t very exciting and on this day Annie made me dress up in a suit and tie !!then onto the Marquee for another show and once again it was great, After the show we ambled of to the Ocean Room Bar and were joined by 7 other people, the eldest of the group was Terry and what a lively lovely person he is at 88,he also came runner up in the Karaoke ! The quiz after was a bit of a failure from us coz I’m not great on 80,s music!! Next up was an hilarious show named Perfect match ending in 2 couples who didn’t know each other dating. Rest of the night was spent in good company, drinking lots in the night club till 1 am!! And yes i was smashed!!

wendykaraoke-1_800x600 wendykaraoke-2_800x600



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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