Geoffs Life After Work !

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Muck ups & Stuff ups

Strange day to the bank coz Ive stuffed my Barclays website up and been locked out SO off to the bank and the lovely Lisa .It appears I stuffed up because my PIN number hadn,t arrived in the post and I tried to use my old password!!!  Back to Barclays tomorrow and eventually sort it out.Went for a walk around the very splendid Winter Gardens and sat in awe as I reminisced on how this place played a huge part in my younger life.Next tickets to go and see The Small Face musical Play and at $40 for a top show in the Blackpool Grand Theatre ( good seats too) who can complain ? For my Australian friends Blackpool has fantastic shows during the Summer Season and even more in the Winter.This town was once the Entertainment Capital of England.Chatted with my daughter while sat on Blackpool Promenade and it was a beautiful day.Holidaymakers looking rather warm with the temp at 21C !Still cant get used to me new phone and while I thought I had sent a pic of Blackpool tower it came out suspiciously looking like my thumb !! I have seen a Flat that may suit me and I am doing an inspection tomorrow.Night time,me and ower kid settled in to watch a pathetic Man Utd win a cup match! Ower kid was SO funnu you ,d think he was on the pitch ! Forgotten what an intense supporter he was (is) In his youth he was a brilliant Goalkeeper and at the ripe old age of 70 still runs up & down ladders carrying rolls of felt and buckets of boiling bitchimin !! I get tired just watching.Day ended with a couple of glasses of iced Baileys…As soon as I can mastr this bloody phone I will add the odd pic…patience is NOT my virtue !!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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