Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Bloody Bank Cards !! Free Bus Pass,Doctors Acceptance and a Gold Cash Card

Went to Barclays and the lovely Lisa tried to sort me out !!  Got home and I had been LOCKED out..arrrggghhhh!!! SO Back to the Bank on Monday for yet more instructions..Buses are getting expensive with each ride costing lots of £s  BUT the Postman ( I used to be one) delivered my free bus pass and a bonus!!  the card can apparently be used nationwide,how good is that.Also Doctors acceptance,a right to vote card  to be used come the General Election in a few short weeks and a strange Gold coloured cash card from Oz, sent ( I think) by Ann.Jet Lag is still a pain in the bum and I fell into a very deep sleep this afternoon ( I have been in UK  JUST one week ) I sleep very well considering past events.The chippy was paid a visit and we had traditional Fish n Chips with an extra Scallop thrown in ( Scallops here are Potato slices fried in Batter).Tonight will be my first Pub visit with ower kid.Mark a great family pal will (hopefully) take us in his cab to the venue.During the Day I had a look at a flat and will check more out in the next few days.Now I have my bus pass I will get out and about next week taking photo,s  Stay tuned


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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