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After visiting  few Pound & Poundland shops I drove back to my place from Squires Gate (home of the Sandhills) where I had lotsa fun as a kid sliding down those massive sand dunes and just beyond those sandy hills the beach is very flat and when the tide is out it becomes a sand yacht racing pitch and in itself is very entertaining to watch.Going North towards Cleveleys I passed the Star pub adjacent to the Pleasure Beach which was one of my first pub visits courtesy of my late boss George ( I was 15!) Alex Higgins used this pub to practice his magnificent Snooker skills earning him the nickname Hurricane Higgins.Next memories came flooding back as I drove past the Pleasure Beach where I spent a lot of my misspent youth,especially in the Fun House that consisted of various contraption that tested our speed,agility and know how skills.Sunday was always the best when drunks came into the Fun House and attempted to negotiate a massive rotating barrel and of course they fell about losing change out of their pockets !We were very skillful at negotiating the barrel and could run thru quickly whilst picking up loose change (in those heady days we had scams that kept us with money in our pockets,thank goodness mobile phones weren’t invented then) The Pleasure Beach is crammed with lots of rides and amusements that kept the huge crowds busy and spending lots of money,Sadly the Pleasure Beach charges for entry into the area these days and lacks the crowds of yesteryear,wonderful,wonderful days tho. Riding down the very windy promenade (our playground as kids) I noticed how thin the crowds are for this time of the year,in the 60/70,s the promenade was packed with holidaymakers who now seem to favour overseas holidays .Blackpool I have now heard is the Gay capital of England and weekends here now attract large groups of people celebrating Stag & Hen nights in the bawdy pubs ( and yes I like them too) 2 Cinema,s and great pubs were favourites in days of yor,sadly all gone to make room for more amusement arcades.Blackpool Tower is still a magnificent sight and boasts one of the best Ballrooms in the world,spent a lot of time in there too playing hide n seek in the massive Aquarium (now gone to make room for more amusements) The Zoo had all sorts of worldwide animals in there BUT looking back it was extremely cruel to keep them in very small cages just for entertainment ! Stanley Holloways Albert the Lion is a good listen from those far off days…..more to follow tomorrow


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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