Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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As I pass the Tower to my left is the glorious Irish Sea,where we played dodge the HUGE waves,but in those days we couldn,t get killed eh?and jutting out into the sea are 3 very entertaining Piers each with its own characteristics and entertainment theatres.Once upon a time when a lad you cannot see the sand because the beaches were so heavily populated ! Men & Women with their dresses and suits on and knotted handkerchiefs to stave the sunburn off !! Nowadays its is very easy to get on the beaches as there is hardly anyone on the golden sands ( they are actually very clean) Underneath the piers we would catch small crabs,shrimps and the odd starfish (somehow have disappeared since those days,Global Warming?)  Opposite the   Tower a gigantic memory pad to commemorate past sayings of mainly comedians and can be easil read from the top of the Tower.Trams are very evident running passengers from Squires Gate to Fleetwood an ex Fishing town (more on that in future blogs).To the right of the North Pier is the magnificent Cenotaph in remembrance of our fallen war heroes and of course the @Main Event@ is on November 11 th.Just on this short journey alone there is so much more to see in the haven that was my youth.In between this the lady beneath me asked for help setting up her King Size bed and all we did was laugh!!!  Nice to have such a nice,friendly neighbour (also made me cups of tea coz I don,t get my Fridge until Sunday)  More tomorrow …


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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