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Evita and all that stuff

Here in Blackpool we are lucky enough to get top class quality shows and Evita is no exception,it is on at the Winter Gardens next week for a week and hopefully we will be in attendance !! Life is getting more comfortable now I have Settees in place (courtesy of little brother and potential nephew) Tis Sunday here and my fridge has just arrived,ahhh cold,Baileys,cold TIZER and the obligatory ice cubes We are getting a good circle of friends in our (my) local pub Queens,even got a card when presented with an order gets 12 p credit (Roll on Christmas,my fund should have built up by then) Its great to hear tales from yesteryear and one couple have invited round to their home coz he wants me to put an email on for him (its weird really a lot of people my age and a bit younger dont want to know computers PLUS a few dont have driving licences)  People are approaching me with Hello Geoff  do you remember me from school.sadly some I do not remember.The house should finalize within a week and that will be that (looking to Bulgaria for a holiday) Best news is my eldest daughter will be coming Blackpool with family for Christmas.Time to get ready for the Pub,just dust my very precious Bus off.Oh? is hot today and Ive employed a window cleaner !!!Next up is a washing/drier machine.Upwards an Onwards….Went for an interview wth Hospital Radio  just awaiting results (fingers crossed)


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  1. Good Luck getting that job! Fingers crossed for you!

    Comment by Linda Williamson | June 20, 2017 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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