Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Pomms/Heat/Curtains & other stuff

Been a busy day today went out to B & Q (Bunnings alter ego) and got curtain  rails BUT on the way home the main road into Blackpool was blocked off SO all traffic had to be diverted miles  across country and thru a lovely village I had forgotten about called Staining,ah the smell of cow & pigs wafting thru my open window can only be described as magnificent!! (smells I had forgotten) Seeing as my new fridge is now working away merrily in the kitchen,appropriate food has now been purchased. Curtains are now hung an look natty.Next up a visit to friends near the Old Sherbourne arms who are having problems with their email !  I explained IF you cant remember your password you will never get into your account!  we had a good laugh at their expense tho.Whilst at the Hardware store at 11 am exactly a minutes silence was held in memory of those who have lost their lives in the horrors that are happening right now.Currently watching  late night British Big Brother and I,m sure the young people on this daft show are NOT educated ! all swear like troopers and the girls are the worst offenders.Standards have certainly lowered tho since my young days.Day by Day I am getting this flat up to scratch and starting to look OK.Still loving me free bus pass. Kirstie has finally relinquished her modem and it is now established in my flat awaiting set up from provider Talk/Talk.We have endured THREE days of average 27% days and you,d think a drought has been declared!! Everyone complaining about the heat and in the same breath asking me why would I leave Australia Sunshine hehe  Whingeing Pomms  …Oh dear Big Brother (UK) is getting heated  hehe every other word a swear word..where did we go wrong?  Still loving Blackpool tho


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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