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Trolls,J.P,s and the final Say

It is NOT my way to bring disputes in this or any forum,however I feel the need to put affairs into perspective.Recently bad things were put on FB about myself (statements I can not see).The perpetrator wrote nasty,s about  my personal life  and took them OFF after people had read them ( I can get access to them) SO my reply to your pathetic letter is ( I will not mention your name because of the respect I have for your mother) YOU were offered an Olive Branch to discuss our differences and you sent a nasty letter (even sent your mother a copy!) in return and therefore I reserve the right of reply Your very unBritish views are racist and I have been an Australian Citizen for over 35 yrs (where would YOU be if not for your British Father?) I never ever doubt the love between mother and daughter BUT you seem to have said enough bad things about your sister on FB ( a programme I,m sure you couldn’t live without) You also say I,m homophobic and I can assure you I am not ! altho your very candid views did get me and your mother thrown out of a 4×4 driving club of which I really enjoyed and I only ever wanted to do was get skills to do with 4×4.. I also advised you on putting derogatory stories on your beloved FB about your ex girl friends husband ( you are quite the expert at putting bad statements on FB and then deleting them after awhile) You also state you are respectful? Last time I saw you leaving MY house you were shouting very obscene language towards me (and yes I did raise my voice and emphatically deny swearing ) Face Book is obviously a way of life for you and I know you have written nasty things about myself ( you don,t know me) and I believe you be manipulative,nasty and a vicious person considering your position as a Justice of the Peace.You traveled 1000,s of kms across Australia with 2 animals without assistance (very commendable) and got around India on your own for 3 weeks and drive a car that dwarves a tank! and yet you have a disability parking sticker? (mmmmm) You claim carers money too?  As for my disrespect for your mother?  That never happened and our marital disagreements are between me & your mother ( NOT me.your mother and YOU) One good thing out of all this is that you will no longer be a part of my family (altho I have the greatest respect for your brother and some of your uncles) I am what I am.Your mother knew what I,m like before we were married and is NO concern of yours. In conclusion I wish your mother the very best in life.hope she becomes the grandmother she so richly deserves and finds someone who can give her the love to make her very happy..I am aware of nasties you write then after a while delete.DO NOT involve me on that forum again and yes you are absolutely right ” I do not like you” Your mum will always be in my mind and yes we have to move on lasting thoughts of your mother? Dancing in the Rain and please let her do her own thing when she meets someone new. I am very Happy with my new life.Stop hiding behind your disability


June 28, 2017 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. Said to read this – but I’m sure I’d go the ‘right of reply’ as well – you and Anne fell in love then fell out of love… it happens – If you are both happy with that then it’s no-ones business but yours and Anne’s… Wish you and Anne ENOUGH… enough of all that will keep you both happy… ❤

    Comment by Denise Cresswell | June 28, 2017 | Reply

  2. Thanks D,s xx

    Comment by Luxxie;s Travels | June 28, 2017 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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