Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Bloody Keys/Aching Legs/End of an Era

Funny old day today woke up to the news the House sale is finalized and money banked (hoorah) so I suppose that finishes the old life and its welcome to the new ( I have to confess I am enjoying it ) I sincerely hope my partner finds everything she is looking for.Hung a wall clock which promptly leapt of the wall and smashed the glass!! Off to pick up Kirstie and buy a few knick knacks for me flat,THEN I discovered my house keys are missing ! first thought get to a locksmith BUT with D.I Kirstie she worked out where to locate the landlord for emergency set,let meself in NO keys to be found so I rang all shops I,d visited to no avail,turned the car & the flat upside down and nothing !! as I walked away looking rather sad I saw my keys UNDER the car wheel !! musy have dropped out of my pocket when I first went out ! Alls well so I treated Kirstie to Lunch and we chatted away about this n that.Thanks to Jan who lives below me for letting me in the main door.Family dinner was at Treshas and a lovely meal was the order of the day.hopefully all mishaps are now gone!! Now its off to the pub for a well earned alchohol or few !!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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