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Pubs,Quiz Nights and Bingo

Just had confirmation from HM Customs my stuff from Australia is to arrive Tax Free !!hopefully by next weekend (Ive forgot what I packed exceptfor my Didgeridoo!) Because the prior tenents were reluctant to pay for Gas & Electricity pay as you go prepaid metees were installed.For me its inconvenient “topping” up every time Power is about to run out SO  I rang British Gas (they do Electric too) and they stated my credit wasn,t accepted,apparently trust goes on the premises rather than the customer! I complained very heavily and explaining my Pensioner Status I was put on a Priority list (quarterly payments) and consequently within a few hours they altered the system,it obviously pays ( no pun intended) to complain,however, I must say people on the phone to the lad who installed my new meter were brilliant and a big thanks goes out to them for their help. Thursday nights are becoming very popular in my local,great people and full of fun. Teams are nilly willy and I have joined the ladies team (hehe) and to their credit they are brainier thn I will ever be  (Its also a great laff cos I copy other contestants at times)  after all this fun its BINGO time ( I don,t play yet) and our corner won 99 % of the cash prizes,seems I,m gud luck and they wanna hang me around their necks asa charm !! Tomorrow all being well we are all off to Bolton (more on that in my next Blog)  Still got my eye on a car (Suziki)


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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