Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Bolton,Cars and a Great Day Out

10 of us met up Blackpool North Railway station and paid 14 quid each for return fare to Bolton.because of the laughs we had the trip seemed to take minutes (an hour) While the other went on the pub crawl I was picked up by the local car dealer who whisked me off to his showroom and I am showing great interst in an automatic Suziki Celerio as I want to travel around this great country of ours photographing ( thinking of doing metal detecting too) Dealer was great NOT pushy and I have now got to think of the offer he has made (I,m very interested) after the showing he dropped me off in the middle of Bolton where I met up with the rest and began my full day of boozing !! Bolton is also the home of Fred Dibnah  ( do have a look at his life as shown on the previous URL .I took my camera along and first of got one of the gang to take photo,s and we have not laughed so much for a long time,Needless to say the lad who took the pic also missed the train we were on and had to wait 2 hrs for the next one.For a change the Sun was out and it was great trudging into different pubs and meeting down to earth people.Lunch found us in the Pound Pie shop and we all bought a giant sausage roll and Meat n Pot pie for only a quid !! The company was great and all we did was laugh.Train back was also quick and most of us trudged back to our local for a few more! As the evening went on our group got larger and we have developed into a fun group all with their own individual personalities Took a couple more pics but had to give in by 11 pm (normal closing is 12) One of the bar flies kicked out and was consequently chucked out by the very large bouncer ! (who incidentally is avery nice man we have all come to know) Pub life is as I remembered it and I have fallen in with a great group..Power to the People

I would have taken more pub Pics (local)  but the alcohol was affecting  my balance !!!!




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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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