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Sunny Days & Blackpool Fun

I decided to use my Bus/Tram pass and walked to the stop at the end of my street (Uncle Toms Cabin a regenerated pub OR The Boating Pool atop of the man mad cliffs) jumped on a very packed,friendly tram and got off at North Pier.Weather today is great nice and sunny and NOT to hot and walked between piers North & Central and beyond,tide is in and the new sea wall is a credit to the town council for such a splendid wall ( as a nipper the walls were vertical and built with cobblestones as brave young couldn’t die kids we actually jumped of these walls into the brownish Irish Sea,such fun) Vendors were out in force today selling drinks,hot dogs,ice cream,kites and much more.Tide was IN and no sandy beach to be seen on what is known as the Golden Mile ( NOT the Kalgoorlie GM I have visited a lot) Seagulls were out in force and are not afraid of humans,lots of people walking about (no where near the crowds I knew before Spain etc and cheap overseas holidays were invented) nevertheless it was comfortable moving about freely in the crowds.Next was the obligatory ice cream in a cornet and what a messy face I ended up with !! Having a small beard doesn’t help neither,but being the age I am I wasn’t bothered about making a public spectacle of myself and it was delicious! Catching the tram back I decided to check the newly refurbished Ma Kellys out (ex Uncle Toms Cabin) and the outside looks terrific (interior not open to the public until Saturday (tomorrow) and it is definitely on my Must Visit Venue.At home I switched my computer on and read the Daily Express and a story of adopted children featured (also on the TV) from over 50 yrs ago and my goosebumps went wild because I actually knew the lady (deceased) in the story ,what a memory jogger it was for me and a very happy ending for the half brothers to be reconciled.Using yet again my treasured bus pass I went to my local pub (which is starting to get busy on a Thursday Night) and came second in the quiz night.All in all a very mixed and somewhat emotional day BUT  a terrific day and I haven’t got time to be bored yet..Coming up soon a new car and the Red Arrows.Life is Good

On the Promenade in front of the Tower is a huge tiled area dedicated to past Blackpool performers and includes some of the sayings/jokes etched into the tiles,this area is huge and is best observed in its full glory from the Tower Top and on the opposite prom route are the famous side shows.amusements ( Mericans call them Penny Arcades?) Rock stalls and much more inc SeaWorld and Madame Tussauds. Further p where the South pier is there are lots more attractionns and I will write about that area in upcoming Blogs…Time for a pint


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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