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Sunny Blackpool and the Red Arrows

On a Glorious Saturday Sunny afternoon I ventured to the North Pier (using my well worn by now Bus Pass) and squeezed in with thousands of other spectators waiting for the world famous Red Arrows to appear.I have never seen Blackpool Prom look so busy since the pre Benidorm etc cheap holidays were invented! The atmosphere was electric and the patriotic atmosphere that was generated when the Red Arrows finally appeared was actually an emotional moment heightened by the very enthusiastic crowd cheering and clapping ,a great pity that the pilots do not get to see or hear the adulation they so richly deserved.North Pier was full to capacity (I didn’t venture on to it) and on this day people paid £3 entry fee (the pier is feeling a lot tired these days and the money is badly needed for maintenance fees)  It is still in regular use, despite having suffered damage from fires, storms and collisions with boats. Its attractions include bars, a theatre, a carousel and an arcade. Built in the 1860,s and is a Grade 2 listed Building.Trams were in full use and I am amazed no one was hurt by these electric giants.People round about were very friendly and children were extremely bored probably by having to stay in one positional area for too long! All sorts of vehicles were still using the promenade roads and I am amazed at the number of Motorhomes passing by ( of which I have some great memories) Hopefully Blackpool would have made lots of holiday makers money and the pubs were full (Blackpool has many of them) One particular lad was dressed in a gigantic Nappy an I assume it was his Stag “do” sadly too many people around for me to capture the moment on film (pity digital camera’s were not around when I was a lad,so much history missed and the memories my generation have lost) Show up to the eventual appearance was awesome even Tiger Moths with people standing on top on the wings! most pilots could be seen waving to the much adoring audience below.A Lancaster Bomber did it for me ( I have recently watched Dunkirk) The day went so quickly I decided to have an early night and went to he pub at 7 o clock instead of 8! and that in itself was entertaining ,the Air show is on again tomorrow ( Sunday) and a brilliant FREE show is guaranteed

This picture below is current and I have “borrowed” if to show the very talented people who put on a fantastic Air Show,Well done Pilots, a great day had



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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